Our Mission

Pollinators are endangered

Pesticides, herbicides, habitat destruction, and invasive plants and insects have reduced our monarch butterfly population by more than 90%!  Monarchs are now listed as ENDANGERED.  How long before all butterflies and pollinators disappear entirely?

Mariposa Meadow creates an ideal habitat for butterflies, filled with native plants that nourish both the adult butterflies and the caterpillars.  We are certified as a Monarch Waystation through MonarchWatch.

 “If you (plant) it, they will come.”

Mariposa Meadow is also designed to attract people with some of the most enchanting flowers in history. While here, your heart and mind will be engaged through interactive experiences and educational programs, encouraging active participation and fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of and love for pollinator conservation.

“Micro changes can have macro effects.”  ~Nigel Marsh

Leave feeling empowered to make a positive impact on their own environments by providing opportunities to actively contribute to pollinator conservation, equipping them with knowledge about the essential role of pollinators and native plants, and offering personalized guidance and resources to create their own pollinator-friendly havens.

If you’re passionate about butterflies, you must be passionate about the flowers that sustain them.  ~Anni Welborne