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Butterfly Garden Gift Set

Butterfly Garden Gift Set

We take the guesswork out of building an excellent butterfly garden by providing you with healthy, first-year plants proven to attract monarchs and many other pollinators in our area.

We have three packages designed for every budget.

Most first-year native plants will not flower, but it is very important for them to establish their root systems during that first year.  That will give them the nourishment to be able to put on an impressive second-year show and a phenomenal show every year after that.  Plus each year, your flowers will get larger and produce seeds that will enable you to increase the size of your butterfly garden and share with your friends. 

FREE digital bonuses! 

Retail value

12 mo. Calendar


12 Themed screensaver pictures — One for each month


25 Themed coloring pages


2 Themed quotes printables


Free book:  Native wildflowers book, planting instructions, pollinators attracted


3 Themed stationery products


PLUS — Digital copy of my new children’s book about endangered butterflies in the Midwest to be released in May.


TOTAL FREE BONUSES for purchasing today:

$125 FREE



 6 PLANTS package:   $36  ($6/plant)

Black-eyed Susans, cardinal flower, common milkweed, butterfly weed, New England aster, meadow blazing star, and a free bonus plant!

 12 PLANTS package:  $66 ($5.50/plant)

All of the previous package, PLUS:  Wild lupine, prairie coreopsis, foxglove beardtongue, purple coneflower, dense blazing star, and two free bonus plants!

 25 PLANTS package:  $125 ($5/plant)

All of the previous packages, PLUS:  Anise hyssop, slender mountain mint, lead plant, New Jersey tea, blue wild indigo, great blue lobelia, little blue stem, prairie blazing star, common ironweed, orange coneflower, aromatic aster, heath aster, showy goldenrod, and three bonus plants!


If purchased for a Christmas gift, you will receive a special gift certificate and a monarch butterfly keychain to wrap for the recipient.  I will lovingly plant the seeds this winter and nurture your native wildflowers into healthy young plants.  They will be ready for pick up approximately May 15, the local last frost date.

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